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First conscious incoherence
    All Incoherences are mistakes done by the mighty gods that very often fiddle around with the fundamental concept - reality. Once something that wasn't supposed to happen in the whole integral Structure of worlds comes to be, an Incoherence is formed - a sign that one fucked up dearly and has to fix it. Such problems include, but are not limited to: killing one of the gods dead, beyond the point of recognition and any possible recovery; tugging with a vacuum valve near the Emptiness Conduit - void angels use these to regulate stretching of the Universe as it inflates like a balloon, increasing its volume with more and more vacuum and it's not naturally possible to move these; abusing a VSU backup for personal gain (those restore the state of the Realm from a certain point); abusing rules of a domain in practice, that is doing something which the rules of the universe cannot handle (e.g. filling the entire World with particles to the point where it may burst)... and many, m
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There were two
    There's a legend that is very frequently told to young children to save their parents and friends some headache later. It is not authentic, but being a merge of multiple reports given to SBBIS, it lives its own life to this day, modernized with weaponry that fits for year 20124. However, the beginning and moral that comes from the myth never changes. And what is the moral... you will find out after reading. It goes like this:
    There were two brave soldiers wandering around the Scorched Globe. They were no do-gooders, just freelancers looking for adventure, bounty and all those earthly values; they occasionally did help a stranger in need, though. One of them, with an annoying nature and tendencies to talk whenever he can, was called the Commenter. The other, a much calmer individual, was known to man as Silencer - this name also shown the relationship between them. As much as they were friends, one had to shut the other up most of the time...
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The Birth of the Meandering Mare
    Before the Meandering Mare came to this world, there was no real legends. The world was clear of cataclysms and cyan clouds, swordsmanship evolved, SBBIS minded their own business without peeking out of their bunkers at all... everything was peaceful, despite so much being destroyed ten millenias ago. If there was a war, said peace turned into discord... it could last a few days or many years. But nothing like doom that took everything equally and plentifully existed. Wars... were a mere preparation.
    Once, a noble unit lived on the Scorched Globe that was feared by the evil and praised by innocent and good alike. Ethera Cele-stellar, a knightress with a truly heavenly name, given to her by the people that knew her the closest. No one knew where she came from, but her first deed created quite a reputation for her. She was a general do-gooder on this sphere where corruption and hatred lurked from the shadows of human wonder. Albeit her intelligence was...
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Secret Base Bureau of Science leader
    SBBIS, while being the main analyzers of legends, are also subjects to myths themselves. One of the most well-known circulating around the Scorched Globe in barely-changed form is the one that surrounds the SBBIS leader - an ominous force, person, group... whatever it is.
    Most believe it is a majestically malevolent human, which this little snippet will be about.
The Administrator. The Overseer. The Watcher. Many aliases belong to him. Protected like the Eye of Neglect, a wonderful crystal; hidden like IXIL who burrows through the ground; mysterious like the never-ending depths of the Wired Pond. Even most SBBIS doubt if he exists and prefer to call their structure a "network of administrators", rather than a hierarchy. But there is some... clues for that.
    Some base overseers who are bold enough to talk about their secretive organization vaguely mention there's always someone above them; naturally, lower overseers say that without any thou
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    All Incoherences are mistakes done by the mighty gods that very often fiddle around with the fundamental concept - reality. Once something that wasn't supposed to happen in the whole integral Structure of worlds comes to be, an Incoherence is formed - a sign that one fucked up dearly and has to fix it. Such problems include, but are not limited to: killing one of the gods dead, beyond the point of recognition and any possible recovery; tugging with a vacuum valve near the Emptiness Conduit - void angels use these to regulate stretching of the Universe as it inflates like a balloon, increasing its volume with more and more vacuum and it's not naturally possible to move these; abusing a VSU backup for personal gain (those restore the state of the Realm from a certain point); abusing rules of a domain in practice, that is doing something which the rules of the universe cannot handle (e.g. filling the entire World with particles to the point where it may burst)... and many, many more.

    Normally, they are not too dangerous as they are markers for exceptions in different domains. Say, removing a god that is tied to rage will not remove all rage alongside with him - that'd deny another rule, the rule of creation, which states that "whatever exists now will never cease". But it causes an issue because the main motor behind it does not exist, and so cannot rage. In such a self-recursive issue, an Incoherence is marked and the way to solve it is to bring the god back to life. However, we're talking about a global-scale mistake that's not only marked, it is very possibly a demise for all that exists due to its exceptional rule-breaking. So, someone could fiddle with the very concept of life and cause a chain reaction of halting it - which not only breaks the rule of creation, it also breaks the rule of existential absolucy, "whatever lives shall live forever, just in different forms". Another recursive loop, but with a dramatic outcome as it affects everything - humans, gods, spirits, you name it. This also causes another problem because gods cannot be killed. And so on, and so on until the entire Realm becomes a mess of numerous exceptions, errors, faults and unreadable mumbo-jumbo one cannot see through.

    Incoherences' defining quality is that they... are? They don't fit between the margin of being and not-being, they're something beyond that. Atypical, disparate from what is and isn't - although then, what is it? Just like two contrasts - the Vital Star, imagination and the void, lack of presence - they are yet another contradiction fitting into that bunch. But for the sake of human understanding, let's pretend they are just another entity. A thoughtless one which behaves unexpectedly and without a pattern of working. They can crush whatever they grasp on - be it literal nothingness or souls of the living - and turn them into anomalous, broken bits of reality that cannot be glued back together, no matter what is used for it. Thankfully, a guardian that watches over all universes - Vital Star - can easily prevent those mistakes from happening or even stop them as they're commencing. But it always pays the price of reversing the flow of events for a moment.

    This legend comes from the void - the Scorched Globe is not the only source of them. Many of that clouded sphere's myths do make up the wonderful plethora of stories that are born in the Realm, but there are sentients all over the place, not just there, on the human oasis. And so, it'll be told from the perspective of the witnessing nation, Lavirons. It was documented several times in various versions from different Lavirons and then turned into one, factual and authentic paper that became a tale... well, we would call it a paper, they write on metallic plates. But nevermind that...

    It all began during a noisy day on the first universe of the Ela ring at the Galactic Wall. All Lavirons' task in this realm was to expand its borders as it shrunk itself again. This domain had an easy tendency to do it, but thankfully they always stopped it in time before any important buildings around the borders got razed.

    An Incoherence was clearly formed behind the perimeter of that spherical, bounded region, in the "interspatial void", which the world's boundaries couldn't cover. As soon as it came to thrive, however... it, oddly enough, formed some sentience in itself and accustomed it to this World. Curious about everything like a child, it crossed the aforementioned universe's border and caused some discord, also linking itself to the reality gridspace accidentally.

    But what did it exactly do? The first base of the Lavirons it saw, it tore it apart. The insiders flied away out of instinct but didn't run away - just observed this phenomenon, being able to naturally survive in the void. Surprisingly enough, their construction was glued back together and when they returned to it (they really had better stuff to do than to care about some building-breaking monster, and all for their Xeran), they kept looking at this bizarrity while doing their daily tasks. Such a mistake was curious about anything at all, especially life, so it lifted some Lavirons up and broke them. Their energetic essences flew back to their regeneration chambers and they came back to life in seconds.

    This weird jump from reality had to be reported - and immediately, messengers wrote what's happening on metallic plates and travelled to Avion A'ris himself. With their launchpads' coordinates set to the central universe, they were flung at speeds far exceeding those that a normal human could endure and arrived to Vonirius - the home of all Lavirons and the Xeran - faster than they could see.

    They (or, rather, one of them) told him that something they cannot explain themselves is toying with one of their territories.

Messenger: We bear news of importance beyond any. I do, that is. I was selected to be the carrier of those. May the thought cross your mind as you receive this information, mighty Kzeran!
Avion A'ris: It shall, under your wish. So please begin.
Messenger: It cannot be told, Kzeran. My body would be struggling to put what happened into words. Such were the horrors that we saw. But it was expressed in the fatherly gift of writing and drawing given to us to communicate by our creator. Take these plates, mighty, and see for yourself.

    And the Xeran read through all of the plates. It took little time and patience to understand the contents. Completely shocked (but keeping his cool outside), he turned to that messenger.

Avion A'ris: It tells me the Vital Star haven't taken care of that yet... peculiar issue.
Messenger: Vital Star, sir?
Avion A'ris: You may not know, but it is not a problem. You may be told if you stay there for a while. Not yet, though. For now, there are matters the Kzeran has to take care of personally.

    If the Vital Star hasn't done anything... what could that mean?

Avion A'ris: Although if the workers escaped, at least, that would be one problem off that long, long "matter" list.
Messenger: No, sir, I'm afraid. Even the annihilation of their workplace didn't stop them from completing their tasks for you.
Avion A'ris: This is not what they should have done. I will need one of you emissaries to tell other messengers and fellow do-gooders to abandon this devillish nest sooner-the-better. The rest of you letter-carriers shall... rest here. Your weakened metal carcasses will need to regain yourselves from the shock that construct caused to you.
Messenger: Ta-e Kzeran. Shall I be the one to carry out this task?
Avion A'ris: Do it, brave one. And I will ask gods if they know... they should, but they haven't done anything yet.

    He was certain it was an Incoherence. Maybe it slipped under the all-seeing eye of the Vital Star. Or perhaps wasn't taken care of properly. But these assumptions gave him lots of doubts... finally, he imagined that maybe all that happened a moment ago was so because the Vital Star knew someone else can tear it down and its interference was not required. It was a protector guardian, after all. Didn't care for what cannot ruin the integrity of the World completely.

    He travelled, with all awareness of danger, to the personal space of Ergenehenevereger, "Never-ending rage". Only a fool or a good negotiator would do that.

Avion A'ris: God of rage, if you could quit your slumber for a small time period... there are important matters to discuss. Very important, may I add that.
Ergenehenevereger: Was I not conveying my thoughts clearly to your decaying processing cores several hundreds of years ago? Anything that is very important to you is not my aberration, my belief, my what-fucking-ever. And my personal space is not to be touched by anything, especially a mortal that you are. Are you aware of what everyone does whenever they come to me? They bring atoms of oxygen into my territory, disturbing the perfect peace of my void and myself! Desist.
Avion A'ris: Terribly sorry to cause that again, but there is always a reason for me to come.
Ergenehenevereger: A substantial question that you forget to ask yourself each time you do that is "Will Ergenehenevereger care when I bug him with petty earthly troubles of an average Laviron?" and return eternally whether I like it or not. You avoided it even now. But if I cannot convince you to stop, then I will listen. Go and tell me. Maybe taking a passive approach will let me deal with you sooner.
Avion A'ris: Much obliged for the privilege. My people have become worried over-
Ergenehenevereger: Oh, not with this bullshit again! If consuming you in your entirety wouldn't cause possibly the greatest crash in the history of creation and result in unhandleable traffic on Contract's side, I would've torn you apart several times already and created a sweater for myself out of your chunks! And then put it in the back of my wardrobe to never use it again. So goodbye!

    Avion's body was then dismembered by Ergenehenevereger. He revived himself at Vonirius and came back to him in a moment.

Avion A'ris: They were worried over an Incoherence. I am sorry for putting my words wrongly.
Ergenehenevereger: Excellent! More material for sewing- what...?

    For once, Erge cared to listen. And this time, he was fully attentive. It's hard to gain his interest even in the worst times possible (and he is a very useful problem-resolving god if convinced to do one's bidding), but now...

Ergenehenevereger: It is important. It really is. Tell me of it however you can.
Avion A'ris: The problem with this Incoherence is its evasiveness of the eye, for lack of better words.
Ergenehenevereger: Speak clearly or I will bring you to your end... again! And again. And repeat until you are tired of it.
Avion A'ris: I wouldn't come here if the Vital Star didn't take care of it already. But... it didn't.

    Well, Erge has a short attention span...

Ergenehenevereger: ...true. So the Vital Star is now our enemy?! THOU GREEN LIGHTBULB SHALT NOT-
Avion A'ris: If I may interrupt...
Ergenehenevereger: Not now, I am threatening our enemy!!

    And Ergenehenevereger spent an entire hour rambling about the destruction of what he believed to be an opponent. Then he let Avion speak.

Avion A'ris: I am aware that the Vital Star is not our target, the Incoherence should be.
Ergenehenevereger: So you defend the enemy?!

    Avion's body was, once again, battered to Hellaven. He returned once he revived himself.

Avion A'ris: If I may resume...
Avion A'ris: But you said you dislike presence of anything in it.
Ergenehenevereger: Well, I...

    And he was killed once again, this time for being right. Tired of making deals with Erge who was incapable of cooperation at the time, he instead went to Contract.

    He arrived to his realm in little time, knocked to his office's door and entered it.

Avion A'ris: Mister business, I've come to ask you for aid.
Contract: Ah, the Xeran. Welcome. Take a seat- wait, aid? From me? You must be worried!
Avion A'ris: Truly, I am. There's no need to hide it.
Contract: If it's about that Incoherence...
Avion A'ris: So you know. Why haven't you taken any action yet?
Contract: Does it look like a battle to you? It can be one, but one that will be lost no matter what.
Avion A'ris: That is not a very good reason to stay in your office.
Contract: Ah, so I look like a coward now, don't I. Well, no, it isn't, and it isn't an excuse to stay here. I am legitimately confident in my defeat this time.
Avion A'ris: But you never lose, you have that bound in your veins.
Contract: Silly Xeran, did you forget I cannot fail battles that are only not started by me?
Avion A'ris: Then persuade-
Contract: No, it does not work like that. If I were to try and make that Incoherence attack me, it'd be as if I attacked it, only turning the blame a different way. If it came over there and tore my office open, then it'd work, but... wait, no, I am not sure if it really would with something as otherworldly as this... it's not tied to any rules, so will it be following mine, then?
Avion A'ris: It is not time for debating - acting is preferred.
Contract: I've just proven that no matter what may I try, it's above my power. Acting will only prove fruitless, if not risky. What if it denies my very immortality?
Avion A'ris: How about taking my soul as a payment to stop a massacre that can commence?
Contract: I am not a cheap shot for things that I value.
Avion A'ris: You are a god with enormous power far exceeding mine. You are capable of it. You just have to believe in yourself, ironically enough.
Contract: Ohoho, another wonderful payment, humbling yourself before me! I'll note that in "things worthy to take note of". But spare yourself from it. If I could do anything, I would've already.
Avion A'ris: I cannot believe another one of you denies this request.
Contract: What is there to do?
Avion A'ris: A clashing question: who will do it, then?
Contract: No one.


Contract: Ah, ah. That's very depressing. Fortunately, we both cannot interpret real feelings.
Avion A'ris: It is a god's duty to protect the present, isn't it?
Contract: Nooot always-
Avion A'ris: Please don't avoid a question with a sneaky deviation.
Contract: Direct, you are. Yes, it is, although half of the gods are the ones of change.
Avion A'ris: What does it prove?
Contract: That things change no matter what.
Avion A'ris: Spare yourself from morals, please, this isn't what I am trying to tell.
Contract: Eh... mighty Xeran, as much as I'd love to argue for longer...
Avion A'ris: Yes, I am aware of your love for contact...
Contract: ...can we stop? This is getting us nowhere.
Avion A'ris: I do see.
Contract: Hey, where does this contempt unlikely for your kind come from?
Avion A'ris: Your behavior.
Contract: Owie. I'd ask you to leave. I'm starting to doubt what I said about feelings.
Avion A'ris: At your wish.

    And he left his office, shutting the door peacefully. If that didn't work, there's yet another option...

Avion A'ris: Are you, counter, up to a task of utter relevance?

    Vikazan, "Defining the World in Mathematics". A math god in more than one meaning. Humans gave birth to it to understand the Realm, meanwhile Vikazan made it an element of its own that got gloriously efficient in usage.

Vikazan: Task? One is in my hands now.
Avion A'ris: Wait, what are you doing?

    Despite of how significant concluding the case of that Incoherence was, Avion's curiosity could take him over sometimes, just like now.

Vikazan: See this entire realm?
Avion A'ris: Yes.
Vikazan: That is an ∅. I am building and polishing its contents based solely on my mathematical prowess.
Avion A'ris: Uh-uh. Aren't there better ways?
Vikazan: What? I was given the power of math, so I use it. That's all I have, but I can do everything with it. Creating a world takes its own deal of time that way... although it is enjoyable to me.
Avion A'ris: Interesting. So may I bother you?
Vikazan: Your inquisitiveness made me happy. Yes, I can spare a minute or two, but no longer - everything will stop being soon.
Avion A'ris: So even you know about the Incoherence...
Vikazan: And you too?
Avion A'ris: Have you been trying to prevent it?
Vikazan: Unfortunately, yes.
Avion A'ris: Really? And you didn't succeed?
Vikazan: I said "unfortunately" because I obviously didn't. I've been trying to calculate all its weakpoints and to guess what to do... but then I realized that even trying is not worth it! It was all randomness! Something that I cannot deal with, urgh. I hate chaos.
Avion A'ris: Couldn't you try for a while longer?
Vikazan: I counted how long will it take me to figure it out and... then I realized it doesn't matter. I am too slow.
Avion A'ris: Too slow?
Vikazan: Yes, I found out it IS possible to find bits of harmony in this mess, but why if I would cease before I do that?
Avion A'ris: How about analyzing it from perspectives unusual to you?
Vikazan: I understand only math. Math and only math. Right now, I am speaking to you through complex equations. I see you with equations. I understand everything with equations. You and I are numbers and your questions are beginning to turn your value down in my eyes each time you ask.
Avion A'ris: Quite an excusing metaphore, but not very.
Vikazan: Why so?
Avion A'ris: Don't tell me you don't have a being's eye aswell.
Vikazan: I do, and...
Avion A'ris: And that makes you capable of solving the problem in a faster way.
Vikazan: But-

    Finally, the countless objections of gods made him mad.

Avion A'ris: Stop excusing yourself and get to work!
Vikazan: N... no, I am sorry.
Avion A'ris: What makes you believe you cannot do it?! You already have enough abilities to put yourself to work and all you're telling me is "no, no". Why?!
Vikazan: I... am afraid.
Avion A'ris: Afraid?! What is there to be afraid of? Dying to something that can "kill us all anyway", in your words?!
Vikazan: But... but the... this Star Juggler can mess with...
Avion A'ris: All it messes with is my nerves! And I have enough of them to feel they're overloaded with anger!
Vikazan: Then why won't YOU do something about it, mighty Xeran? Your rage gets me terrified.
Avion A'ris: I was seeing if those who should take care of it can do it. But it seems all of you are the same in this situation. Just doing absolutely nothing and being unreliable. Oh well, at least you made a good suggestion. ONE OF YOU. IF NO GODS THINK AN INCOHERENCE CAN BE BEATEN WHEN THE VITAL STAR CLEARLY TELLS WE CAN DO IT, THEN I SHALL!! I, FOR ONCE, WILL PREPARE EVERYTHING I HAVE TO DESTROY THIS IRRITATING ABORTION OF LOGIC!!
Vikazan: I-if you want to be loud, please leave-

    And he left him too, enraged and ready to take matters in his own hands.

    In the time he returned home, he's gathered numerous reports from all around his universal empire. One of the seemingly least important, but most valuable to a Laviron was naming the Incoherence with an appropriate title "Star Juggler". He's already heard that from Vikazan, but now... he knew what does it mean. Apparently the abomination has been toying with stars, playing with these hot orbs of nuclear fusion and injecting despair deeper and deeper into the realm of the Vital Star. Even those who didn't know a word about what's happening were becoming increasingly sadder. That was the true power of the Incoherence - inducing hopelessness and ruining dreams. People all across the world were giving up on everything. Abandoning their labors. Finding them pointless. "What in the Hellaven is this madness", the Xeran thought to himself. Even gods didn't want to forestall it.

    But he wasn't influenced as he knew the truth. So he shall be the one lantern that will lead people out of darkness. He made a public announcement from his home in Vonirius for every Laviron to hear.

Avion A'ris: Ta-e Kzeran, Laviraz; Laviran-na ovajter! <<Which meant: "Here is the Xeran, Lavirons; a Laviron shall listen!">> Whoever hasn't heard of the great discord that is taking place in a territory of ours, let yourselves hear the bit from your Kzeran! A power of tremendous force - if it can be called a force - breaks the very barriers of reason, plays with our minds and terrifies your brethren. Under no circumstances shall that be the cause of our demise. A random mistake in the grid of space needn't bring everything else down with itself, either. Your Kzeran asked gods, which you haven't heard of yet, to do what they could. But they denied my request, which I didn't expect, even under conditions that were risking my own self to do the bidding. As it is a large-scale issue, I am telling all of you to work together; for our survival, for the world's survival, for those who oppose us, even - as you can see, it is important. Such an Incoherence, the "Star Juggler" as others named it, has never come to life like this. It thinks, albeit it is chaos itself, so its consciousness is warped beyond our understanding. For now. With our corepower, metallic mechanisms and countless eons of experience, on top of that a set of tools no other race can match, we shall develop a tactic to defeat it; equipment to be able to bruise it; finally, my skills to bring it to justice, for no Laviron can take it by itself and risking lives of any of you, citizen, would be the worst to do. Shall you know that it is not going to be my service for stopping it, but yours; you will kill it through me with the technologies you provide me, the strategies that many minds will create faster than one and the glory will be on you forever! Kzere Lavirze jykyzeter. <<Which stood for: "I (the Xeran) am yours (Lavirons) to command.">> Ta-e Kzeran.

    And so, his dispositions were spreaded across the Galactic Wall and outside of it. All minds of Lavirons working together. All towards one goal, like one people: to end the Incoherence. The Xeran was training himself for battle and giving orders to his subordinates. The nation was never so inspired to work. They believed they could make the Xeran look good for once, so they did just that for him. But the Xeran wanted their... happiness. It was a good opportunity to show them they can battle anything as long as they support him!

    Various minds of differing intellects thought and pondered on the matters; other brave souls (as far as Lavirons go in having souls) scouted around where the Incoherence was, or - if they were absolutely, undeniably brave - confronted it themselves to bring valuable information. Everyone was striving for peace together and in one MONTH, they had a plan. A plan for the Xeran. They realized what to do and outfitted his weapon with a gadget allowing him to fight it back. His ancient Kzironku, looking like what one would call a hammer with multiple axeblades on one of its sides, a jet spike on its top and a power-changing scrollbar on its handle, was ready for battle. He was ready for battle. And his people were proud of themselves, doing gods' work. It wasn't that hard to analyze such a threat and create countermeasures for it, it seems, if a mortal race was able to do that!

    Finally, the time for battle has come. Avion A'ris approached the Incoherence. They were both in a completely empty void... well, not as "completely" as it was "de-void" of life only. Haha. But the stars it juggled were just fine, leaving traces of helium, hydrogene and a warm star wind of movement!

    Not fazed at all, he politely asked it:

Avion A'ris: Can you speak?

    It responded... weirdly and completely eccentrically.

Incoherence: Hi! I AM THE DOOM. No, wait, I am not the doom! I am myself! The doom is ME!
Avion A'ris: Thy motivation to toy with our lives is?

    A calm word left it.

Incoherence: Curiosity.
Avion A'ris: Curiosity made you do all of this?

    Then it sounded unsure.

Incoherence: No, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no, yes... maybe yes, maybe not... certainly yes! Certainly not!
Avion A'ris: Are you aware that your mere presence is causing discrepancies in our lives?

    First, angry words escaped it, then almost mechanic ones:

Incoherence: YOU CANNOT BLAME ME FOR EXISTING! Yes. I. Am. Aware. Of. This.
Avion A'ris: Can you stop, please?

    No answer, but the Xeran guessed it meant "no". Quickly, he followed:

Avion A'ris: Why?

    It exploded the stars it was wielding as a response.

Avion A'ris: Ta-e Kzeran, then! Ready to bring your reign of... whatever you're doing! And some of your powers will be taken out of your grasp too. And your uncertain personality. BRACE YOURSELF!
Incoherence: Aaaaaaaaa!

    Seemingly scared, the mistake tried to run away.


    He took the first swing, dousing his modified weapon in the sweet juices of mistakes. Kzironku absorbed it, just as the engineers predicted.

Incoherence: Bootless thy furbish wast!

    He increased the power of his weapon so that it could seize an entire galaxy upon a blow dealt to anything and focused it on the Incoherence. With the boost from discrepant fluids, it tore through its immaterial self and all of this galaxy-breaking power was stuck at one point. The Incoherence didn't notice that it dealt damage. It wasn't even fazed. But the Xeran knew what is he doing and he took another swing, soaking his weapon in it again.

Incoherence: What?

    He kept repeating the same pattern several times until the Incoherence noticed something is wrong. A bit of its power was chipped away!

Incoherence: Devillish, your attack was! But do I care? Hahaha!

    And then, it was the moment (extremely long moment) of real action. It swayed with its unreal arm straight at the Xeran, which he dodged easily. As the battle continued, he kept evading, knowing a single hit can turn him into bread. Perhaps even literally. If he didn't move away, he would block with his weapon and absorb its power. Later on, the Incoherence grew tired of his defensive play and threw stars at him - those were shattered with a single hit from his weapon and even, infused with the juices, returned back to the sender, dealing quite the damage to it. It threw holes in the void - those were gracefully avoided. It threw broken bits of reality too - and those were very useful material for him.

    The clash was coming to an end. Avion's weapon got particularly energized with the reality bits. Now he needed to deal one more blow to end this stupidity for once. When the Incoherence attacked him again, he - with all mighty force that he had in his arms - blocked its incoming surreal appendage, thrown it away from himself, charged straight at the monster and jet-slammed it with the weapon. Finally... it worked. He killed the sinful part of the Incoherence, injecting some morals into its head and a bit of self-preservation aswell.

    He succeeded. He defeated the Incoherence!

Avion A'ris: Ta-e Kzeran!
Incoherence: And nooow, and nooow, and nooow the winner is the Xeran! Happy day-where-you've-defeated-a-seemingly-undefeatable-at-first-but-certainly-destructible-Incoherence!
Avion A'ris: But I haven't beaten the damned confusing behavior from your head, eh? Exist in peace.
Incoherence: Thanks.
Avion A'ris: Enjoy this world and do not wreak havoc anytime soon. Because then, I will call gods.
Avion A'ris: Alright. Just be sure to not be worse than Erge- I mean, goodbye.

    Mentioning Ergenehenevereger at all was a great chance to get beaten by him.

    Upon his return to Vonirius, his people greeted him with happiness. They were no longer sad. No one was sad. Not even gods. He came to visit them personally.

Avion A'ris: So, it was said that a god cannot do it. Maybe you were right - a mortal could.
Ergenehenevereger: I would hate to admit it if it wasn't for the glory of this deed and that I didn't want to do it... you did well, Xeran! Unlikely to hear that from the god of rage, true that.
Contract: Your efforts are... appreciated. But how did you do that? I cannot believe-
Vikazan: Oh, glory, Xeran, glory! Thank you! Thank you, thank you! Now I can continue my perfect construction!
Contract: Please do not interrupt me, even though happiness is predictable in that moment.
Vikazan: Apologies, Passage between Realms, albeit doing mathematical operations takes time! Now I have more than forever to finish!
Ergenehenevereger: But still... the Vital Star deserves punishment! YOU HEAR THAT, LIGHTBULB?!

    From distance, a faint voice could be heard:

Vital Star: Shut the fuck up, man. I am the CONTROLLER, so all you can do is scratch my back with your power, if I even had a back!
Ergenehenevereger: I WILL TEAR DOWN YOUR-

    He was hit with a green laser.

Vital Star: Oh, yeah, fight me! Fight me for not doing something that I left to YOU personally to do!
Ergenehenevereger: AAAARGH- WAIT, ME?!
Vital Star: No, idiot, I was talking to gods in general. Haha, I love taunting you so much, it's almost like walking into a hornet nest as a bee and making it out alive!

    The world turned a bit red from Erge's immense anger.

Vital Star: Maybe you could've understood SOMETHING if the great power coming from it wasn't obvious enough. You screwed up! And you, Xeran, you did a fair job there, even though it was not for you. But coming back to the god rant... AND YOU CALL YOURSELVES GODS FOR SITTING ON YOUR ASSES ALL DAY?! I TRIED TO STIMULATE YOU TO START SOMETHING NEW!!
Ergenehenevereger: ...urgh, a... polo... gies?
Contract: Un... believable. I...
Vikazan: Whatever, I had better things to do-
Vital Star: Oh, of course, scribbling numbers all day is more important than-
Vikazan: I couldn't do it-
Vital Star: Shut up, you're a god-damn god!
Ergenehenevereger: But... but it wasn't obvious at all-
Vital Star: I sure could write "Look at this, free battle here! Defeat and understand you need to work together to do it!". But I didn't. Do you know why? Because I thought that maybe you gods are intelligent enough to guess it yourselves. I gave you brainpower beyond that of the Xeran... and yet, he was brighter than you. Dis-ap-point-ing. Maybe now, though, you will try to create something yourselves instead of being sickening loners?
Avion A'ris: Maybe you, Vital Star, shouldn't be that rough...
Vital Star: They were given a lesson now. Have a fun day in the void!
Ergenehenevereger: I- THIS- THIS-
Contract: Erge, are you alright-

    To let out his fury, Erge killed everyone around him, unable to even touch the Vital Star. The red tint disappeared from the void immediately.

Ergenehenevereger: ...a-ahah... ahh. Hahaha!

    Completely understanding his actions (but still mad at him, though not taking any chances), the gods and the Xeran calmly approached him, acting as if nothing happened.

Avion A'ris: If any of you know who caused this Incoherence...
Vikazan: A-ha, yes, I do...
Avion A'ris: Do you?
Vikazan: ...I do know where does it come from, calculated it just now. Let's go there.

    And so, they went to the Scorched Globe. Apparently, the culprit behind it all was Yana-Aniya, the creator and sovereign controller of its unique mudlands! He greeted them with a few wonderful electric guitar chords. Erge began, of course, with anger.

Ergenehenevereger: THY SINS SHALL BE-
Vikazan: First, tell us... what came into your mind to do this?!
Contract: There was lots of risk to take from that action.
Avion A'ris: You could've destroyed us, Yana. Explain yourself.

    A few other chords were played.

Ergenehenevereger: YOU JUST WANTED TO BE NOTICED?!
Contract: Erge, just don't get mad again. You know our world gets quite literally red when you do that.
Contract: Here, have this stress ball.

    He groped the stress ball so hard, the molecules that formed it fused together into bigger ones.

Ergenehenevereger: Hmph. Satisfying. Do you have more?
Contract: Not now.
Avion A'ris: So you just wanted to be noticed... you made an entrance to godhood that's... very considerable.
Vikazan: You created a sentient Incoherence, however it is possible! It was very wrong and a foul play, but you just wanted to tell us you exist.
Ergenehenevereger: "Just"... don't forget what could happen if it wasn't taken care of.
Vikazan: But you are stuck on this globe and cannot contact with anyone at all, true?

    A little chord signalized that it indeed is true.

Vikazan: You shall be punished, but you also will get what you want.
Contract: Do you have a realm of your own?... ah, we are at it, yes. The misty mudlands of yours which you can freely control. Very well.

    And that's how the business with gods ended.

    Avion A'ris returned to his throne on Vonirius. When asked about his godly status - which the citizen hoped for to be confirmed - he said he's not one yet. Although he was not angry like usual. He was just... done with getting it by himself. He knew his wish cannot even be looked upon because of his powers relying entirely upon earthly concepts and not spiritual power.

    That caused quite an uproar against real gods in his empire... he personally held no grudges, but his people... they were mad. Mad like all hells combined. For their Xeran was not appreciated like he should be. But he... was satisfied.

    The Lavirons honoured their master with bajillions of metallic frames resembling the Tarius Star - all crafted and detailed by hand - and he gave them a blessing for their good deed: since the ages of Lavirons had to be controlled as not doing so would quickly cause them to fill up the entire universe, he let all the existing ones and the ones that were born in this day live for five years longer than usual (and they usually had 20 years to do anything worthy to elongate their lifespan), which soon caused an "Age of Heroes" to come as they, motivated to do something a little more in their lives while they could, grew in efficiency of their deeds and their survivability also grew because of it.
First conscious incoherence
Infobit: While the Lavironian language is not developed whatsoever (I may get to it seriously, but not immediately invent every thing they speak of), Lavironian is used in here in its infantile, crawling-on-all-fours form. Here's the explanation for all the words and how are they used together:

Ta-e Kzeran, Lavirez; Laviran-na ovajter! <<Which meant: "Here is the Xeran, Lavirons; a Laviron shall listen!">>

ta-e: First off, "ta-e" means "here is" in present verb form and is very often used both as a greeting and a glorificator when followed with "Kzeran". When the Xeran himself uses it, it means no less than "I am here for you", meanwhile Lavirons using it mean "Glory to the Xeran". The dash ( - ) is used here because "a" is next to "e". Both of these are vowels, and in Lavironian, these are always spoken separately (so no combined vowels like "ae"). The suffix "-e" is a specific exception to this verb only.
Kzeran: This should be obvious - this is a noun which means "Xeran". The suffix -ran is an impersonal way of saying an item's or person's name; so, say you were talking about an unparticular person, you'd use -ran. Every kind of noun you think of, it's an "it" because all Lavirons are genderless. For your information, he uses this form of the noun because it's proper with "Ta-e Kzeran", which was explained above.
Lavirez: A personal way of saying "Laviron" in plural. The "-re" suffix part says that it is personal and the "-z" is for all plurals.
Laviran: If you thought "Laviran-na" is the real word, you're wrong. But later about it. Just like in "Kzeran", there's the suffix "-ran", which was explained above.
-na: Added to a noun, it's an attention-bringing suffix. It's added to a noun because it's specifically targetted towards that noun (it should be used instead of "raz" in this case because it conveys the meaning better that way than saying generally "listen, Lavirons"). It could be indirectly translated to "shall" or "will", although it's more of a formal request than a command or beg in their language and cannot be used without a verb. Normally, the suffix would be attached like "Laviranna", but a dash is placed to separate the same letters from eachother, hence the "Laviran-na".
ovajter: Means "listens" (not "to listen") in present verb form. The suffix "-ter" is characteristic for all verbs. Together with "-na", it means "shall listen [to me]", which would more accurately mean "please listen [to me]".

Kzere Lavirze jykyzeter. <<Which stood for: "I (the Xeran) am yours (Lavirons) to command.">>

Kzere: This may not be as obvious, but this word still means "Xeran"! The base of the word is untouched (Kzer-), but the ending is different (-re). This is because the Xeran speaks about himself. If if was about a Laviron, it'd be "Lavire". Also, no, I didn't forget about "I am". For them, saying the "am" part altogether with "I" would make them think "no shit that you exist, it's obvious".
Lavirze: When you specifically talk to a group of people in front of you, you'd normally use the suffix "-rez" since "-rze" gives a noun the meaning that you're speaking about yourself and your group. However, here the Xeran is using it to signify both that he is one of them and because he speaks to his group that listens to him (so he implies that the group is attentive to what he's saying and will do as he said and not that whoever hasn't been listening won't do it). Besides, using any suffixes or prefixes implying that an action will be carried out on the Xeran (that is, "having" the Xeran under someone's disposal, so what Xeran said - "I am yours to command, Lavirons") is grammatically incorrect. Guess why.
jykyzeter: Another noun ("-ter" says so). "kyzeter" means "commands", but adding a "jy-" prefix to it turns it formless, making it "to command".

Other: Kzironku (wholly means "The Unstoppable [thing, but it refers to itself so it's not needed to be mentioned]")

Kzir: Word base which, without any forms (no noun or verb suffixes, etc.), for all words with it means generally "something related to being unstoppable". A verb formed from it would be "kzirter", meaning "is unstoppable".
The word "Kzironku" has two honorifixes:
-ron: Honourable noun form. Whether it is a plural or singular, it does not matter; anything with -ron functions as a proper noun or a honourable mention, therefore you could call a group of people -ron or you could call a single person -ron. You don't care whether it's near you or not, you admit its worth.
-ku: Honorifix which implies exceptional confidence in the usage of the word. Therefore adding it to "Kzir" makes the usage of the name have special symbolism; since you are exceptionally confident that you're using the word "unstoppable" well, it must mean it's true.

Full table of noun forms:

-re: "I, the [noun, singular]". Personal (you're speaking about yourself). Example: Lavire - I, the Laviron.
-ren: "The / a [noun, singular]". Personal (speaks about or to someone in your presence; Lavirons don't use "you"). Example: Laviren - a Laviron (that is here).
-rze: "We, the [noun, plural]". Personal (speaks about or to your group that's in your presence). Example: Lavirze - We, the Lavirons (that are here).
-rez: "The [noun, plural]". Personal (speaks about or to someone in your presence). Example: Lavirez - The Lavirons (that are here).

-ra: "I, the [noun, singular]". Impersonal (used to speak of yourself in the past and future, so irrelevant to you being here; also a form for signing documents and such). Example: Lavira - I, the Laviron [will do something later].
-ran: "The / a [noun, singular]". Impersonal (speaks about someone who isn't there or generally about someone; also used for names/titles in their formless form). Example: Laviran - a Laviron.
-rza: "We, the [noun, plural]". Impersonal (speaks about your group that isn't there or generally about it). Example: Lavirza - We, the Lavirons / [The Lavirons I belong to].
-raz: "The [noun, plural]". Impersonal (speaks about a group that isn't there or generally about it). Example: Laviraz - Lavirons.

-ron: "The [noun, singular / plural]". Proper noun or honourable mention (you don't care whether it's near you or not since it's very honourable). Example: Laviron - the Laviron[s].

Verb mods so far:

Normal: A verb which talks about an action that is currently in progress. Example: "ovajter" - listens.
jy-: Formless verb. Example: "jy-ovajter" - to listen, "jykzirter" - to be unstoppable.
[noun]-na: A verb that asks for attention. Example: "Laviran-na ovajter" - Lavirons, please listen.
[noun on which an action will be done]-ka: Implies that an action will be / is done on someone or belonging to someone. Cannot be used without "-ak". Examples: "Laviranka ovajter Laviranak" - A Laviron listens to (he has to listen to / he is ordered to listen to and does it) a Laviron (who ordered him to listen). "Laviranka Laviranak jy-ovajter" - A Laviron is another Laviron's to listen to (belongs to listen to another Laviron).
[subject noun]-ak: Implies that an action will be / is done by someone or belonging with someone. Cannot be used without "-ka". Example above.

Other mods:

-ku: Signifies exceptional confidence in the usage of the word. Example: "Lavirenka Kzeranak jy-ovajterku!" - You, Laviron, will listen to the Xeran (and I'm pretty damn sure you will)!

The language building above took way longer than it should and was incredibly hard, but it was fun!

and does it contain mature content? naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
    There's a legend that is very frequently told to young children to save their parents and friends some headache later. It is not authentic, but being a merge of multiple reports given to SBBIS, it lives its own life to this day, modernized with weaponry that fits for year 20124. However, the beginning and moral that comes from the myth never changes. And what is the moral... you will find out after reading. It goes like this:

    There were two brave soldiers wandering around the Scorched Globe. They were no do-gooders, just freelancers looking for adventure, bounty and all those earthly values; they occasionally did help a stranger in need, though. One of them, with an annoying nature and tendencies to talk whenever he can, was called the Commenter. The other, a much calmer individual, was known to man as Silencer - this name also shown the relationship between them. As much as they were friends, one had to shut the other up most of the time...

    One fine day, they had one hell of an adventure due to Commenter's habit. They were walking out of town as they saw a fairly old woman in tattered clothes and sandals. Such an unlikely appearance. And she was staring at them all the time. Commenter immediately began a talk about her once they passed her.

Commenter: Do you see how does she look like? Eyeballing us like this... hah, can't she just-

    But Silencer interrupted him:

Silencer: I don't care about your thoughts. Please, keep them to yourself to spare us any trouble.

    So he responded:

Commenter: It's their problem if they care about what I say.

    Silencer didn't agree, though.

Silencer: It's better to not say anything when you don't have to, you see!

    They would've started an argument already, but that woman they were talking about had a big acid launcher hidden behind her back which they didn't see before. How? Don't ask me, I'm just telling you how the legends go. Bullshit...

Woman: What did you two say about me?
Commenter: Hey, woman, chill-
Silencer: If anything, I haven't taken part in this.
Commenter: Now you're saving your own ass?
Woman: Shut up, you both! Do I look like I have any money to afford better clothes? All that I have is this acid launcher! And you're laughing at me!
Silencer: Can't you sell it?
Woman: ...that's a good point.

    And with one closing argument from Silencer (that didn't reason what they've done), they saved their lives. Things are peculiar on this planet... especially with old women that wield weapons.

    Later on...

Silencer: I told you to stop talking, my friend. You should be glad I diverted the discussion.
Commenter: That's what you do. But stop saying you're a savior!

    They were getting close to mythical mudlands, the place where deep waters existed (like the "Wired Pond"), unlike anywhere else as even oceans were dry at that time. Those were "The Plains of Yana", as some call them. On their borders, they saw a bunch of Yana. Those small, white, featureless (all they had was that white color and a contour), headless... completely inhumane creatures that looked like pills cut from the bottom who emerged from the ground were always turned towards their watchers like some background object sprites in old 2,5D video games. No difference here. Yana have been based on others' perception since their birth. They don't exist until something that lives is near them. And so, they jumped out of the ground like targets in circus shooters.

Commenter: Hey, look at these. What are these things?
Silencer: They are Yana-
Commenter: Whatever, let's pretend we didn't see those grease blobs.
Silencer: Those are no grease blobs-
Commenter: They look really weird. How on Hellaven do we have these on our beautiful planet?
Silencer: Mind you cease this foul talk-

    Their eyes moved towards eachother, then back at the Yana... oh, wait, there were none because they disappeared!

Silencer: Oh, why...
Commenter: What?
Silencer: You made them sad, I can hear.

    Various high-pitched squeaks could be heard behind the misty fog that separated the Plains from other parts of the planet.

Commenter: Do I care?
Silencer: Listen, it's not only about making them sad. You're being an idiot now. You don't even care what you're saying. You just tell me whatever comes to your mind. Can you control your mouth or will you let it manipulate you? Sowing discord with blind idiocy is just... why, man? Why? You could've not said anything, but now you've complicated things for us. The best thing to do for you would be to not say until you have something worth saying...

    And then, a very loud electric guitar chord could be heard in a distance.

Silencer: Oh. Oh no. Oh no no no. It's that chord.
Commenter: What?

    Another Yana showed up before them. Only one. Unlike all others, it had five black triangles coming from the upper borders of its pill body - one on top, two diagonally to the left and right and two coming from left and right. It also wore... headwear... could it be called headwear if they don't have heads? It looked like a crown, that's the point. A crown that was wrapped around its top - as flat as the Yana itself.

Silencer: It's Yana-Aniya! The master of Yanas! He's even got his own title! "Powerful Little Fellow", that is. May not seem like much, but... but titles generally mean someone's way more powerful than other spirits!
Commenter: Uh... he doesn't look very menacing...
Silencer: Just watch until he turns all our muscles into void and lets our organs and bones fall to the ground... no, don't watch, let's not let that happen, RUN!

    Silencer grabbed Commenter by the collar of his shirt and ran like hell into the fog. That ensued their perception would be somewhat worse and therefore hinder the pursuit of Yana-Aniya. But not stop it completely. The king of Yanas liked when it happened, it was funnier to pursue the wicked who dared startle his citizen.

Silencer: Listen, the NEXT time you say things, THINK ABOUT IT!

    Silencer, oddly enough, was the one screaming.

Commenter: Why won't we close our eyes?
Silencer: Yanas are too good to let that trick work! They'll show up behind your eyelids!
Commenter: That's creepy.
Silencer: Don't you dare say a word!

    But after a while of chase, Yana-Aniya decided his job was done here and his people need some cheering up. So he disappeared from their sight and went back to his Yanas. Commenter and Silencer noticed lack of his presence after ten minutes.

Silencer: Did we... did we lose him?
Commenter: Yeah.
Silencer: Next time... please, friend, think about what you're saying. We could've died here.

    As good friends, though, he forgave him. Of course he would, he's been putting up with this behavior for a long while.

    They had to find their way out of this place now...

Commenter: Of course we would get into the deepest depths of Hellaven like this!
Silencer: Shh, be silent... I am fairly certain we've already garnered enough attention from the inhabitants of these mudlands...
Commenter: Well, you did. Hahaha.
Silencer: S-shut up!

    The best way would be to come back from where they were going, but how do they know their way? All that was around them was now lakes and ponds and other waters. They had to tread carefully and the ground was really, really wet. Despite of that, though, they haven't left any footprints. Not that it would change anything since the very base under their feet moved and squished itself over and over again, effectively removing any marks one may leave. Standing still here would be a mistake, too.

    So they moved around carefully, going only in one direction because they would surely reach an end that way... but they weren't even certain how big the Plains are, so they could either be moving backwards or forwards further into them.

    However, on their way to nowhere, they noticed that a huge, hulking monstrosity was walking around, perhaps looking for something. It was moving on tracks and had an obsolete, cumbersome chassis and alongside with a weapon barrel on its turret, had four long and strong arms... and a trailer stuck to its back. Whatever this wired life was, it sure was intimidating.

    But of course, Commenter didn't like something about it...

Commenter: It looks ridiculous! Who would want to glue together so much metal into this garbage?
Silencer: Please, don't... don't say anything. Just shut up, you're annoying.
Commenter: But don't you agree-
Silencer: Shut up, he'll hear us- oh, no, too late...

    The vehicle's attention turned to them. From its trailer, it pulled out four handguns. Tank-sized handguns.

Silencer: Are you- are you serious?! Handguns?!
Commenter: Alright, those look good.
Silencer: Not so good if they're pointed at us!

    And then, it spoke to them, introducing itself.

Abkaras: My name is Abkaras, I am a Mustus-Res Spirit. This title stands for "new matter", and about that, know that I am a tank coming from the Wired Pond, so it should be quite obvious for you I infested this metallic corpus. If you know your lore, that is.
Commenter: New? This model went out of usage a thousand years ago! Literally!
Abkaras: Your comment is trivial. Anyway, you're better off not being here.
Silencer: We know, we've been running away from Yana-Aniya!
Abkaras: Oh, then you should leave immediately. If you angered him, you'll have a lot of trouble on your head the longer you stay here.
Silencer: Can you help us?
Abkaras: Yes, I can. Enter me and I will deliver you out of here.
Commenter: But why point the guns at us?
Abkaras: I, uh... sorry. Sorry, sorry. That was rude, I know.
Commenter: That's very suspicious, you know-
Silencer: Shut up, for once! Lead the way, Abkaras.
Abkaras: And I will.

    So instead of entering him (because Commenter had doubts), they were led by the tank to the border from where they came. After they left the mudlands, they thanked the tank and gave him some spare scrap parts.

    The moral for this legend was quite obvious, but nonetheless it had to be told to children, so parents usually did a little summary in the form of "And what did you learn today, kid?". The perfect answer to this question would be "Commenting on everything for no reason is stupid, rude and troublesome and it's better to not say anything if it's not worth saying", but as it is with kids, it has to be explained. Then, the little children would piece everything together in their minds... and a neat little moral would be stuck in their heads forever.
There were two
Take a listen to one of these classic tales for children, with guns and mighty creatures and scary elements of the world.
    Before the Meandering Mare came to this world, there was no real legends. The world was clear of cataclysms and cyan clouds, swordsmanship evolved, SBBIS minded their own business without peeking out of their bunkers at all... everything was peaceful, despite so much being destroyed ten millenias ago. If there was a war, said peace turned into discord... it could last a few days or many years. But nothing like doom that took everything equally and plentifully existed. Wars... were a mere preparation.

    Once, a noble unit lived on the Scorched Globe that was feared by the evil and praised by innocent and good alike. Ethera Cele-stellar, a knightress with a truly heavenly name, given to her by the people that knew her the closest. No one knew where she came from, but her first deed created quite a reputation for her. She was a general do-gooder on this sphere where corruption and hatred lurked from the shadows of human wonder. Albeit her intelligence was... less than average and her explosive personality often caused her to act out of suspicion rather than reason, her moral compass always pointed to the right direction and, just like a knightress should be, she was way too tough to let anything scare her away. Not only tough, but beautiful at that (albeit scars from battles often chipped away from it, but no one pointed that out to her).

    Death tried to claim many, but somehow, it avoided her like fire. She lived for a really, really long time, being so healthy and strong... maybe it was her devotion to good sportsmanship and belief that she won't leave this world until she kills enough evil. One day, however, her mortal self was subjected to an enormous force.

    As Darclos arrived to the Scorched Globe in year 13001, many things changed about her beloved world. First, his mighty abominations and godlike creatures followed him to settle down alongside him. Second, as soon as he made impact with the ground, an outburst of might was released, turning anything nearby into spirits and letting the rest float with air. And third... some of these monstrosities believed they could do anything to the weak, frail people who lived on it, so they assaulted whatever they saw fit for them.

    The first attack of a mighty creature happened near her. A beast that had its entire sleek, black, cable-like corpus covered with pink ribbons and a white head-foot that was used both for seeing and movement. The cable was longer than a kilometre, ornate with white and light gold stripes. It was the thinnest on the top, where it ended in a spiky protrusion, and the thickest around the head-foot, from which it came. The head-foot, however strange it seemed, was very long and looked like a flattened, broad cone, with wiggly black appendages that slided across the ground, effectively moving the whole horrendous construction. It had five dimmed sockets, which were presumably eyes, and could lift itself up to reveal a series of buzzsaw-like teeth. Said monster emerged from the ground, trying to tear down her castle. She took her magnificient doppelhander and left it in full gear as the construction fell down. And she saw that confusing amalgamation of various creepers, otherworldly flourishes and sickening enormousness... but the first emotion she felt wasn't fear. It wasn't confusion. It wasn't anger. It was calm.

Ethera: What are you trying to accomplish, tearing down this mighty castle?

    Her words struck the cable like a sword, who turned to her in an instant.

Ethera: Leave this building; fight me instead if you have business with me, sly giant. But first, tell me: what is the reason for your assault?

    Surprisingly, she heard a response:

Cable: Your world will fall apart! My master was banished onto this object a moment ago. He's bringing his power to this globe and you dwarfish creatures will be subject to it! He'll experiment on all of you, just like back on Vonirius! And I will be the first to bring him fresh bodies!

    It didn't faze her in the slightest, though.

Ethera: Under what command are you allowed to do that and... what is Vonirius?

    Thinking she'll die from his hand anyway, the monster answered:

Cable: Darclos! Mighty Darclos, my creator, came here! I am doing what he would tell me to do after coming to this world! And Vonirius is his home! He is the mightiest Laviron that ever existed... aside for the Xeran, of course. You shall not deny that he's the second mightiest Laviron, though!

Ethera: How come you know this language, though? You are not from here, as you said!

    The swordswoman was really confused that they both were able to communicate.

Cable: Good question... how do YOU, worm, know that?

    And, curiously enough, this was the igniting point of the battle between a charitable woman and the prelude to destruction. Answers to their questions were never given...

    She tried her best to defeat this beast, however close the thought of her death was getting to her. She dodged its swipes, stabbed its cable, anything just to damage it - and her mighty strength let her cut through way more than an ordinary knight would. It was taking a lot of time, the monster unable to hit her at all. But with time, she grew more and more tired... no matter what would she try, it was getting evident her fall is imminent. As a last-ditch effort to survive, she charged straight at the monster's foot - rather out of bravery than brilliance - and shouted, calling upon her patron's name:

Ethera: Kirinken, by your word, my bravery will let me thrive forever!

    And Kirinken was one with balance and battle. He was not the one to answer prayers, but he was proud that someone follows the ways of him who travels between worlds. Sadly, that much couldn't help.

    At this moment, the wounded creature slammed her with its cable, getting her sword stuck in it, slicing across it. She's fallen - the blow was very heavy - but she got up in a moment, seemingly unfazed by the hit and ran towards the foot again, trying to tear it down with her own hands. To not get ran over, she jumped on it and tore its appendages off one by one. But then, the giant grabbed her with the cable, lifted her above the skies and with all force known to life, slammed her body on the ground, breaking her in entirety.

    That was the first documented kill from a spirit. Probably the first in general, too. Her carcass cannot be found where she got brought down, though... and why, it will be told in a moment.

    Right after this unfortunate turn of events, her maltreated body was brought to Darclos himself, the creator of all might.

Cable: Here is a surprise from the new world, master - first creature that I killed for you to test your wonderful abilities.

    But his response was the complete opposite of what the cable expected:

Darclos: Let me ask you something: why was I banished there?
Cable: I do not know, master, I'm afraid, but I can guess it was to not conduct any "malicious deeds", as the Xeran said, on whatever lived.
Darclos: And why did you kill? Why bring this body here?
Cable: To conduct malicious- oh.
Darclos: Now, why would I experiment? The Xeran told me clearly: "What you did is dreadful. Your hands broke the laws. Laws of nature and morality." I've slain many, many beings. Tough or weak, I say. Wonderful or dreadful, I say. Pure or malicious, I say... and that was to create... abominations like you whose thoughts, sadly, circulate around killing, raping. General mischief that brings discord. I was wrong, very wrong: making such a decision and... being confident enough in those... abilities of mine, a gift. I thought one can reason. I thought you can pay... pay the price of evil... all only to create good; however, what you did, sinner... what you did will terrorize. You enforced this act once. Enforced this act on me. Reason yourself and tell me: how come you are alive, standing before me so proudly? How come I haven't killed... how come you weren't erased... how come you are alive?

    One of his servants, Contrast, noticed his master's anger and came to the scene.

Contrast: What's wrong, my creator?
Darclos: The one who stands there... stands before my very self... he killed, murdered, obliterated this! It was not meant to... not meant to be, happen.
Cable: B-but I didn't know we're not killing anymore!
Darclos: Why didn't you ask me?
Contrast: I am afraid your stupidity is going to be your doom, friend... but let me ask you what motivated you to commit such an unreasonable deed? Maybe you will help yourself.
Cable: I wanted to make a surprise for the master!
Darclos: Silence, your sins still live. Why do all of you have trouble with seeing good? Should I banish you all? Your power is too excessive; you will only misbehave here.
Contrast: Master, killing whatever you created... will be a sin in itself.
Darclos: But I will stop evil... evil that will be done.
Contrast: As you said before, trying to stop evil with evil never works. It only creates more evil.
Darclos: My hypocrisy was shown here... You are free of death, but not without a price. And your price will be...
Contrast: Shall I propose something?
Darclos: Go ahead, my mighty servant. But do not interrupt me.
Contrast: You will be sent on one of the few satellites that circle around this scorched planet. From there, you will have to look down upon our vast accomplishments and mistakes and be unable to do anything about it.
Cable: N... no, that is too much.
Contrast: It's not too much if you're still alive. Begone and learn from your mistakes!

    Upon these words, Darclos thrown the giant straight into the sky, on one of the moons. Unable to leave, he swore that he'll improve himself... unfortunately, he had no idea how, so he buried himself into the powdered ground and petrified himself, focusing all of his brainpower on this one subject.

Darclos: Much appreciated for your suggestion. What to do with this...
Contrast: Master, if you let me tell you another thing...
Darclos: Go ahead, I am listening.
Contrast: Maybe you should find something of interest on this scorched globe.
Darclos: What does that even mean?
Contrast: For years, your work was your life. You made amalgamations out of pure curiosity that no Laviron ever had in his mind. Your labor was hard, but enjoyable to you. Now that your main passion was prohibited - and, surely, it was done in good thought, so no objections against that - why won't you, sir, use your vast knowledge and experience alongside with the undiscovered assets of this world? Maybe your interest will lead you to completely new innovations. Maybe you will become an even better and kind leader than you were.

    The Bringer of Might thought with his brilliant brain and decided to go out of his hideout.

    Outside, the sun burned his body with passion. He didn't mind it, sneaking into shadows as soon as possible... he wandered into a village, completely unseen, and kept inspecting it carefully for a few days... until one day, a woman gave birth to a baby. He stared at the scene, confused. He was born from a building of metal, just like many others of his kind, unlike these fleshy beings that seemingly come out of pouches. The next day, he saw another woman playing with a very small woman. She was taking care of her for reasons unknown to him. Lavirons never cared much about themselves, but this... was new. This kind of reaction to a being of the same kind? It was no brotherhood. They were related somehow, evidently.

    It was confusing, but after a month, he understood what is this whole deal about: it was motherly love. He finally found use to the body he's found... as much as it would require some of his arts to come to use yet again, the effect of this could be lovely. He could understand this concept better by becoming a father. But the problem was his cold approach to it...

    As soon as he returned to his hideout, he told Contrast:

Darclos: I've found an interest, servant.
Contrast: What could it be?
Darclos: I could have a child that I could take care of constantly and with love. But for that to happen, I need your help, servant.
Contrast: And what shall I do?
Darclos: You will need to be the friend of that child. A supporting one, however hard it may be for a dangerous abomination like you are.
Contrast: I can do this for you, but what is it for?
Darclos: To understand "motherly love" better. It is an interesting concept. I found out about it when I was not there.
Contrast: Yes, sir, you shall be satisfied with my labor.

    So Darclos brought the elements from this world near the corpse of Ethera: ten tonnes of crystals, a gust of wind, transparent clothing, ten thousand other corpses that were lying about freely, and, with consent, the personality of an about-to-be-executed murderer. He also took genes of a mother and her child and the Xeran's orders, on which was written: "Do not try to kill anything indirectly or I will come to the globe to eradicate you".

    All of this was thrown into the body, except for the genes of the mother which he absorbed; it was then subject to the excellent and infinite might of Darclos whom, soon enough, animated the body without making it alive - it turned into that of a child, completely naked from all past. It had red hair, a bruised face, a small body frame - essentially what Ethera was as a youngling.

Darclos: Welcome, child, welcome to life! I am your father, Darclos. You are my daughter, Esther.

    He misheard her real name somewhere, which is why her name was that. But maybe it was good. She was no longer Ethera. She became Esther.

Esther: So I am born, dad? But why am I born naked?
Darclos: That is, symbolically, your purity. You will be given clothes, but do not be afraid. Nudity is often thought to... be associated with human perversion. Contrast, give her clothes now.

    And so, she was given clothes - a white sweater, bronze shorts and shoes with the same color.

Esther: What do we do?

    She sat down on the ground, staring at her father with joy. He was unaware he created his deadliest abomination yet... but he was soon to find that out.
The Birth of the Meandering Mare
The creation of the terror that covered the globe in blood.

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    SBBIS, while being the main analyzers of legends, are also subjects to myths themselves. One of the most well-known circulating around the Scorched Globe in barely-changed form is the one that surrounds the SBBIS leader - an ominous force, person, group... whatever it is.

    Most believe it is a majestically malevolent human, which this little snippet will be about.
The Administrator. The Overseer. The Watcher. Many aliases belong to him. Protected like the Eye of Neglect, a wonderful crystal; hidden like IXIL who burrows through the ground; mysterious like the never-ending depths of the Wired Pond. Even most SBBIS doubt if he exists and prefer to call their structure a "network of administrators", rather than a hierarchy. But there is some... clues for that.

    Some base overseers who are bold enough to talk about their secretive organization vaguely mention there's always someone above them; naturally, lower overseers say that without any thought as it doesn't require much brainpower put into it. It's quite obvious. However, the higher you go in this "network", the more enigmatic it gets - suddenly, you hit a brick wall and cannot think more about it because the administrators are the highest-ranking figures known to mankind. They are almost asking to be orchestrated by something even more convoluted, seeing how many of them have different goals and approach situations differently. There's no way they can be so integrated with such differing worldviews... but then, are SBBIS really to underestimate? Some of them administrators, though, admit - again, very vaguely - that someone else gives them orders (if assuming their claims are true, that'd be other administrators), but they never specify if it's someone they know and, seeing how they avoid that topic, one could say "No, they don't know". Feels like there indeed can be some "higher powers" who command the strongest. According to several other administrators, they get orders from the same location, but it's out of their reach so they never go to inspect it. Or do they?

    But what really is so legendary about all of this? What turns unanswered questions into myths? The possibilities behind what the leader is and IF he exists. He, the assumed "SBBIS master", is thought to know the secret purpose of SBBIS. This entire organization is encased in a thick, misty layer of mysteries. It's quite well-known that they tell their soldiers, scientists and even higher-ups as much as they need to know and nothing else while keeping them devoted to themselves and happy through unknown means, which makes them very obedient, easy to control and relatively immune to enemy propaganda. And "as much as they need to know" means here "they have no idea if there even is a leader". But if there is, isn't he a cunning bastard to pull the strings everywhere and be in control without being seen and even believed to exist? No evidence says anything about him.

    You could maybe try and assume things from the orders of administrators... but not only due to the sender being unknown; these orders have to be written down by the administrators on their computers as they are quickly discarded after delivery. Sometimes a soldier delivers one - a very fancy-looking one at that, no other SBBIS have such attires - but asking such a messenger about anything, like where did he come from or how did he get here yields no results. They don't remember a single detail, only their task. Scanning their brains proves that ain't no lie, although it's hard to do as after delivering, such a soldier very hastily disappears out of sight like vapor. No trace of him being anywhere. It's believed they return to their host location to prepare to send another order.

    What's even more interesting is that some of these administrators are almost afraid of receiving these orders. They're like prophecies; there are incredibly accurate informations which appear on them just like that (but always relevant to the task). Even spies can't bring such knowledge to light, someone is faster than them. There are many different things written on them: extremely specific success rates based on multiple factors that were accounted for in the orders (if they're not mentioned, the task cannot fail), predicted enemy attacks and how to counteract to them, even predicted dates of receiving the orders. They're accurate to a second.

    There is one very specific and, at the same time, vague order, called "empty escort" in the administrator jargon. It tells, just like all escort orders, to protect a person. However, unlike in most other tasks, this one says to lead him around a location. No one knows who it is and how does he look like, and yet, an entire army can be assigned for it sometimes. It's like there's an invisible VIP among the troops. Or maybe it's one of them. Who knows? All they know is that the person is indeed there and everyone returns to their base after a while because one of the administrators instructs soldiers to do so. Some think these are pranks played on SBBIS or even intended acts of discordance. But to fabricate such an order - which is, to say the least, inhumanly accurate - it'd take a lot of wit and precision far exceeding a normal human's possibilities. No incidents, ambushes or anything happen during empty escorts, either, which also proves they are at least not made to induce harm. Administrators turn these weird tasks into defilades to avoid boredom, which has never been objected to if it was in a conquered town - a showcase of power never hurts! There's one more worrying thing about these, the obscure, fear-inducing notes on their end - each time, they say the same things: "If need be, the escorted will protect soldiers from harm with unimaginable force" and "Watch out. While unseen, he will reveal himself in time of need and crush the enemy, but try to not lead to that and take all precautions in order to keep this almighty power sealed". It has never happened yet, which - despite of some close calls that didn't trigger the "almighty powers" - is still believed to come in the future.

    Then there is secret SBBIS technologies "coming out of nowhere", very useful ones at that. Why say it like that? Well, here's the thing about them: it all looks fine and dandy, very natural. They're claimed to be developed by SBBIS scientists who also say they have little suspicions at first and believe it's their work. Doing a brainscan on them clearly indicates no lies are said. But then, here come the discrepancies: they themselves are not sure whether those discoveries are staged or not. Sure, they are geniuses, but it's odd even to them. All they get is orders from lead scientists to create items for purposes specified to them (which is required so they won't question anything - as long as they know the goal, they're fine) and then, somehow, they find out all of them can be pieced together like a child's puzzle. Maybe they realize that themselves as they are indeed smart people, but later they notice how suspiciously easy it was and how coincidentally everything works together just fine without much adjusting. It's like someone above was working with underground scientists who already knew the solution to their problems and only tried to make it look like a completely normal discovery, so he played it like a drama.

    But anyway, what do the common folks assume from this? KEep in mind the following informations will be beliefs, not facts mixed with beliefs.

    Some think there is a concealed room deep underground, where all motion of radio waves ceases to exist. The said room leads to a small building with few talented guards, called - due to their purpose - the messengers. These read orders from a console all in cyan and orange and once they print them, they leave the hideout, completely forgetting everything about themselves but where to go. After they hand over the message, they vanish back into the room and their memories return intact. Few believe that the console itself is the Master and the messengers are its hands, spreading its word to its children living in the gray world above. The computer tied to this console must be a magnificient machine, able to steer the organization with the eyes of a human and the mind of a monstrosity. However it came to be, though, is never touched - some say Darclos infused a computer with an ancient spirit once as an experiment and thought "let's see if such a combination can make the world tremble". The said spirit can also jump from one machine to another, which could explain the "empty escorts" and the "sealed powers".

    To the legend above, another one is tied, albeit it reduces the computer to yet another information transmitter. Somewhere else, protected by spirits so malevolent than even Darclos would have trouble banishing them, the Leader, the Master himself - alongside with ten Grand Spirit Thinkers - oversees SBBIS and the world from the ceiling, which he hangs from as an orange set of ropes is connected to his body, supporting him in his otherworldly duties. But why is he roped? As people believe, his whole body has to focus on brainpower only, limiting his body functions to supplying it with oxygen, therefore causing anything but the head, lungs and heart to shrivel up and rot until he is disconnected. And as soon as he is, he gains tremendous muscle mass in mere seconds, his body becomes more lively than ever and his physicality in general makes him become undefeatable. It also gives "empty escorts" a much different purpose - instead of just moving from a nest, he has to breathe in the air of the world while his hideout restores its own oxygen supply. It nicely compliments the unimaginable might that this individual may possess, too, as he has to not let anyone see the terrific power, therefore he's escorted so no one dares to attack that convoy.

    Both of these also say the same thing: that while the Master's orders are simple, his thinking isn't. While them instructions he makes take little to produce, he ponders dearly on what to order and the consequences of it. It's not limited to simple binary, as in "will I reach my goal or not if I do this?", but he thinks of whatever can happen now and in the future that can help towards or hinder his way to his ultimate goal, such as if his subordinates are adequate enough to fulfill the task, how will they achieve success, how well will they follow the orders, etc. Obviously, being such a legendary overseer, he is so informed about his crew that he knows more about them than they do themselves, which lets him account for everything. It also comes with risk, which he cannot avoid no matter what; it can be a gamble with much tougher objectives as despite having impossible prediction skills, he knows humans have free will and will do whatever they want and possibly screw things up despite he clearly laid every possible solution out on the plate. So he always does what literally cannot fail (yes, literally, he knows it cannot fail), such as build new bases, recruit troopers etc. to increase his success chance. Then he goes for the tougher pieces of cake, like assaults or strategic defenses, counts probable casualties and sees if it's worth taking the risk. He is surprisingly accepting of defeats, too, as said by the folks; he knows when he can't and can fail and is ready to take risk and face failure, which he takes for a natural thing to come. Even his inaccurate predictions. But those come by rarely.

    Whatever that secret leader is and however powerful he might be, there is still no direct evidence supporting his existence. All is assumptions made by soldiers, administrators, outsiders and other entities. Some of this legend has little basis in the real world, but some has clues linking to its truth, especially the mysterious orders. No one knows much about SBBIS - again, not even themselves - but is it really true that they don't? Are SBBIS unaware or are they fooling the world like the clever dogs they are? All is possible... and from this organization, everything is indeed possible.
Secret Base Bureau of Science leader
Is there one? Is there none? No idea, but there's some snippets telling a story or two...


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